Conversion chart

1.5 Spoon of Fooditve sweetener = 1 Spoon of Sugar

Fooditive Sweetener® is a 100% natural, zero-calorie sweetener with a clean taste and functionality similar to sugar. In addition, it has the most desirable digestive endurance and does not cause any tooth corrosion. This in combination with the price competitiveness does not only make Fooditive Sweetener® the perfect sweetener for food and beverage producers, but also for the pharmaceutical industry.

The Fooditive Sweetener® is available in several different varieties: Regular, Liquid and Syrup.

Fooditive Sweetener® at this moment is in process to get the EFSA applications of novel food and additives

Fooditive Sweetener Regular is a fine powder made from non-organic third grade apples and pears, yeast and water.

Best used for: baking, confectionery and jams

Fooditive Sweetener Liquid has solidity of 30% sweetener which has not been spray dried.

Best used for: beverages

Fooditive Sweetener Syrup has a lower amount of liquid and has a 70% thick solidity.

Best used for: confectionery

Fooditive Sweetener Organic

Finally, all varieties of the Fooditive Sweetener are available in both an organic and non-organic version. Our Organic Sweetener has a highly controlled supply chain and is produced with organic materials only. Our certification is provided by SKAL Bio Controle. (SKAL # 1084)

Nutrition facts

Serving size1tsp (4g)

Serving per container125

Energy 84 ki (20 Cal)

Protin 0g

Fat, Total 0g

- Saturadte 0g

Carbohydrates 100g

Dietary Fibre 0g

Sodium 0mg

Gluten 0g

* Percent daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

Fooditive Sweetener Benefits

There are a number of reasons why Fooditive Sweetener® is a better alternative. Have a browse through a few of the advantages of our sweetener.

Prevent cavities

Environmentally friendly

High speed of crystallisation

Low hygroscopicity


Extends shelf life

High processing stability

Synergy with intense sweeteners

Masks off-flavours such as stevia

Adds a fuller consistent flavor

100% natural

Clean taste