Other Products

Other Products

We keep our brand as clean as our products through utilizing fruit vegetable waste with no added ingredients.

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Our preservatives, which are composed of carrot waste, are only effective at low pH-levels. The active ingredient in our preservatives dissolves better in water than does sorbic acid. This means that our preservative is particularly effective in actively preventing mould, is less active against yeast and is not active against bacteria. As a result, our preservative is suitable for products such as bakery, dairy, sauces soups and frozen desserts.


This product is another example of how we utilise waste. Our thickening agent is made exclusively from banana skin but does not contain its colour, starch, sweetness or odour. The product itself has moderate viscosity and is water soluble with adhesive properties. Additionally, the thickening agent prevents sugar crystallisation and stabilises foam meaning it helps maintain form through adjusting the tissue structure of the contained ingredients. These properties combined allow the desired thickness to be achieved.


Our new emulsifier uses potato extracts in order to create a surface-active agent between two immiscible liquids. This 100% natural product allows liquids such as oil and water to blend smoothly into a stable emulsion. The benefits of our emulsifier include reduced stickiness, controlled crystallisation and guaranteed coalescence.