The sweetener industry; is it time to reassess our options? 


In 1879 the world was introduced to the first non-sugar sweetener; Saccharine. This artificial sweetener was invented “partly by accident and partly by study’’ by Ira Remsen and Constantin Fahlberg. Ever since our beautiful planet has never been the same, at least when we are talking about sweeteners. Today, the sweetener industry is a billion-dollar industry led by multinationals seeking to expand their market shares and promote there product as the best. 

Over the years artificial sweeteners such as saccharine or aspartame have often been linked to major health issues. Although research has shown that saccharine does not lead to bladder cancer for humans (but it could increase the change of bladder cancer for second-generation male rats), many doctors agree that there still a lot of research on the risks of artificial sweeteners.

We have never given our individual health a bigger spotlight than it has today. We are starting to realize that we have to take the matter into our own hands to maintain health. For a lot of people, this starts with eating natural products. Therefore, it was no wonder that natural sweeteners found ways into the sweetener industry. However although health is of big importance to us, people still attach high value to flavour. And many of us, including myself, don’t like bitter aftertaste of some of the well-known natural sweeteners.

That is why flavour has been one of the main points of focus for the team over at Fooditive. And we believe we nailed it! The Fooditive Sweetener has a fresh and clean mouthfeel and is sweet, not bitter. Besides, it contains 0-calories and as the body recognizes it as fibre, there are no digestive problems.

So our answer to the question; is it time to reassess our options?


Yes, it is!

The Fooditive Family