Sustainability & Curricular Economy

Sustainability & Curricular Economy


Just days after the disappointing climate summit in Madrid, we can conclude that many people don’t care about sustainability and the future of our planet as much as we hoped. Sustainability is becoming a strong marketing tool for many companies. But is this really the way that we should use such an important term?

Branding your company the right way is of high importance for businesses these days. As sustainability is finally becoming a more important topic in politics and for the people at home, many companies are changing their branding to create a greener and better image for themselves. But don’t be fooled! Once you will have a deeper look into the actual processes of these companies you will see that only littles changes are made.

We feel this is just is not right. That’s why, when we had the dream of Fooditive, we chose not only to use sustainability in our branding but actually make it part of our DNA. We feel that corporate sustainability is equal to doing business the right way; environmentally, socially and financially. It is our mission to only develop food additives which contribute to a healthier environment.

We only use leftovers and third-grade fruits and vegetables from the Netherlands to produce our additives. All the waste that comes with the production is then turned into soil which will be given back to the farmers. This way Fooditive aims to contribute to a circular economy; from farm to fork.

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